In the news: The death of evil, marking Yom HaShoah

When President Obama announced on Sunday that Osama bin Laden had been killed, he said justice had been done. Bin Laden has been called the most evil man of our time, and his crimes were truly horrific. Coincidently, May 1 is remembered for the death of another of history’s greatest monsters: Adolf Hitler, whose evil is in a category all its own. Sunday also marked the start of Yom HaShoah, when we commemorate the six million Jews murdered by Hitler.

We join with the Jewish community and the world in mourning the victims of the Holocaust and remembering the horrors that they endured. We hope that this day of commemoration provides a lesson to the world so that such atrocities should never be repeated.

As important as it is for us to memorialize the millions who died at the hands of the Nazis, we cannot forget the survivors who still need our help today. Nothing can replace what these people have lost or provide true justice for them, but we can help them live out their remaining years in dignity.

Shabbat shalom.

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